What does it mean to be complete?

WARNING: If you’re not interested in extended (and rather self-indulgent) video game metaphors I’d close this page right about now.


I’ve played a whole lot of video games over the years and I’ve probably only completed a handful of them. And even then I probably just finished the story mode. Never went out and got all the collectables; 100% completion.

I think my story mode has stalled slightly. The writing is cliché at best. Self-absorbed narcissistic and thoroughly unlovable main character develops a crush on a possible love interest but I can only assume I don’t have the correct quest item to resolve that quest-line.

And what on earth is this work side quest? If it didn’t provide in game currency it would be completely pointless. I mean there’s not a whole lot of worth attached to anything I’m involved in at the moment. Perhaps if I’d put more points into strength or intelligence I’d have a different career path because frankly putting all my stats into memory hasn’t worked out like I hoped. I just lie awake at night thinking about all the things I’ve done while simultaneously running through every TV show, film and book I’ve ever read looking for something in them to boost my self-worth.

I understand why I need the friends perk activated but I’m a little concerned I don’t meet all the criteria for it to work on my character. For example I seem to know and be friendly with a whole bunch of other players but when met with a difficult situation or complicated emotion rather than sharing it with a friend and overcoming it together it seems to just get stored in my inventory and accessed at random later.

24 levels in and I’ve barely touched the surface of the game world. Maybe some of the things I’m looking for aren’t in the UK server. Shame the US server has got new moderators. It’s going to be a bugger getting to the EU server soon too I’d better make use of that while I still can.

Fundamentally though I think I need to remind myself this isn’t a single player game it’s a MMORPG and other players are having their own issues with the game; their own bugs to report and their own problems with the clunky levelling system.

One day my story mode will be complete but there’s still a few achievements I’d like to get before I uninstall this game.

– G